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  • Dear all I have some problem with this shield. I made a server based on example from the wifly library and it works fine, but if one press refresh several times, then it stop responding. What can help - it is not good that any user can hang this application.

  • Hi! I have 12V inverter, Arduino UNO and EL Escudo Shield with an El Wire (everything is from sparkfun). I try everithing to make it work, but have no results. Arduino is powered from USB port and Inverter from 12V 3А wall power supply. After some trys I made a GND-HVGND connection, but still nothing. When I connect EL Wire directly to inverter it works good. But I cant open this TRIAC. Please help. Is it possible that my EL Escudo is damaged because I use it without GND-HVGND connection? Is it possible to control it from 5V powered Arduino UNO or it is needed to use 3.3V PRO version? I am very angry to Sparkfun for it, I spand a lot of money for this El goods with no result. ((

  • How to connect this board to arduino? Why nobody answer?