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  • So, have you guys considered a replacement to this board? Such as the si4737 with FM/AM/WB and RDS/RBDS. I really wish you guys still had the si4707 breakout haha. I really want to build a radio with fm and the weather band, and I can't find another IC that does so. Thanks!

  • Oh, ok thank you! I will have to do a little research then as to the best edition for both I guess. Yeah, I am sure I will have several pages marked as well, once I get a copy and understand the scope of tubes a bit better.

    Yes, I know I would enjoy a tube video! Maybe you could talk about this project of yours, play us some of the audio from your amp or something, and explain the design process somewhat after an intro on tubes?

    I actually found a funny, short, old video from Westinghouse on the 6 functions of tubes, and how to use them in each case haha. I would like to eventually build an oscilloscope out of tubes, that is the goal haha. My grandpa has one he built back in the 70s lol. I also, picked up another radio with tubes. This one is Realistic brand FM/AM (radio shack brand), not just AM like the other I have.

    Yes, that is what I meant. That would be interesting to see haha. Oh, I gotcha, I have similar feelings about BT lol.

  • Hum, thank you. I will have to check out both resources when I have a chance!

  • So, I am definitely interested in esoterica, such as, vaccum tubes lol, however, I too have a short attention span, and tubes seem quite elusive.

    I bought an old AM Federal radio, stupidlly expecting all the parts to still be there and functioning lol, and that the radio would somehow transfer the knowledge of its makers design process by osmosis after I cracked the top off lol. Needless to say, this was not the case lol. About all I learned is point to point wiring is a pain to turn into aa circuit, and I am fairly certain the radio has a 3 stage design using 3 different pentode tubes. Eventually, I'd like to restore it one day.

    As far as the Morgan Jones books go, I see four options. So, do you have a recommendation on which book for a tube newbie? I have some electronics knowledge, buy have much to learn in troubleshooting and design. Thanks for your time!

    Can't wait to see the finished project! Have you thought about an external or internal addition to the project for Bluetooth audio? So your speakers could too be "convenient" lol xD

  • ok, but wouldn't driving a 8ohm 2.8W speaker with this be pointless since it can only go up to 1.4W? or am i missing something?

  • could you use two of these in parallel to run a 8ohm 2.8W speaker?

  • I am trying to do the same thing as you are describing with the SI4735 AM/FM radio IC. What did you end up doing?

  • any chance we could/will see this in a 24 pin model?

  • any chance that we will/could see these in a 24 pin model?

  • Ok thank you! But why is this the case? I mean why would the connector exist if it doesn't work something like this? Thanks in advanced dude!

    Thanks, Nick

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