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  • Hi Tetsujin
    Thanks for answering my current-question. Meanwhile I also found that the AKAI EWI USB (the device I’m trying to connect with) only uses ~100mA. Any other ideas on what could cause the “setup packet error:d” or the power led on the device not going on? (The description parser code works well with other USB devices)
    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Zacharias
    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the voltage of my low-cost adaptor but it gave 9V so no problems there. The max current of the adaptor is 1200mA.
    I checked some USB specs and apparently a USB device needs to send a request to the host if it requires more than 100 mA to get an additional block of 100mA with a max of 0.5A. Does somebody know if it is necessary to increase the current manually? (I guess I have the same problem as described in the post above)
    Many thanks in advance!!

  • Hi all!
    I have an Arduino UNO and this USB host shield. I would like to receive messages from an AKAI EWI USB (MIDI wind controller), similar to this project: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/11/usbhacking.html.
    A first step was to change the code of the mentioned project., among which the USB device description. I was able to use the description parser example code from Oleg for a USB mouse and camera but when I attach the EWI, I get following error messages:
    Setup packet error: D
    Device addressed… Requesting device descriptor.Setup packet error: D
    Request error. Reurn code: 0D
    Device descriptor cannot be retrieved. Program Halted
    Also, the power led on the EWI does not turn on when plugged in (which it does when plugging it into a computer).
    Any ideas on what the problem might be? (I’m powering the Arduino with a 9V power adaptor and the EWI uses a type B USB cable (although I don’t think this makes any difference))

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