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  • Smoke test! FAILED!

  • Received mine last week, just got time to sit down with it.. My color don’t match anything mentioned on this page. Mine wires are Blue/Red/Yellow/Green.. Like others I have a three pin connector.. Can’t fined any other notes on this item, feel a little ripped off with this product. Think I’ll stick with the blinkm..

  • Why is FAIL showing up on random lines of the boards output?
    Using xBee, can communicate both directions (responds to +++ fine), can see the boards menu, getting data every 5 seconds.. But temperature, pressure, light and wind speed show FAIL at the end of their data lines…
    Yesterday it was temperature and humidity.. What has Failed, why is FAIL(ed) being displayed?

  • Nice.. HOWEVER.. It breaks one of the Maker Rules, or it should be. No easy way to mount or place in box without connector getting in the way.
    Haven’t tested it yet other than on the bench. South Florida is either sunny, or DOWN POURS!

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