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  • Beware applying any real torque when installing standoffs. The threaded screw portion will weaken and break off of the rest of the standoff if you apply too much torque. I had this happen on multiple occasions when stacking multiple standoffs and when installing into the big red box screw holes without tapping the hole first.

  • It would be nice if the orientation of each breakout board was rotated 90 degrees so that two RJ11 jacks can be mounted without having to separate the two boards.

  • Sadly not, the battery and resistors are free floating behind a plastic tray holding the LEDs, so like the one I just got, you get a nice dead battery.

  • Another holder arriving with a broken tab, but found a “better” solution to attaching the Arduino. Get a couple of metal standoffs with holes on both ends, and screw one onto each of the two opposing corner posts that have a large nub on the top, then screw the Arduino onto the posts. Plus this will allow the mega to mount to the holder as well.
    The silicone feet are definitely a great idea.

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