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  • I made another solution:
    1º- I make my own ABS_POS register read function:

    // Read ABS_POS register.
    void SPI_Receive_ABS_POS(volatile void * pData){
    // Send GetParam command, with ABS_POS register address to read. char c = dSPIN_Xfer(0x21); // Receive data form ABS_POS register. ((char *)pData)[2] = dSPIN_Xfer(0x00); ((char *)pData)[1] = dSPIN_Xfer(0x00); ((char *)pData)[0] = dSPIN_Xfer(0x00); }

    2º- In main program, you can use it that way: long lPos = 0; // Read position. SPI_Receive_ABS_POS(&lPos); // If it is negative, you make it positive (if you need it). lPos = makeItPositive(lPos); ............. ............. .............

    3º- Convert negative number to positive (only if you need it, of course).

    // Max value in ABS register is (2^21-1), see data-sheet. #define MAX_POS_COUNT 2097151 // If data is negative, to make a "two's complement"operation.

    long makeItPositive(long lData){ if(lData > MAX_POS_COUNT){ // Fill negative number with FFF.. // till 24 bits (3 bytes). lData |= 0xC00000; // Now make a xor operation. lData = lData ^ 0xFFFFFF; // Finally add 1. lData += 0x000001; } return lData; }

  • Is there a 240v version, for Europe?

  • I have just updated this software, with an full Example of using, at the end of main file.

    Code is here:

    The Example screen is:


  • Hi, I have just stored in my version of the wonderful SerialGLCD software, for 160x128 display:

    to make things like this:

    Enjoy it..!


  • very nice display. Thanks to Sparkfun. However, I would like to modify the firmware, in order to add a new command and other things: I need a new command to ask the name to the device (It has to return me some bytes to identify the kind of display).

    I need to add one byte more, with a checksum of the first four ones (it is going to work in a noisy place).

    Yes, I need a Tx connection. ¿Does it have) (with other name...) Is possible to update the display firmware, using the existing connections? What is the way? Could you give me more details?


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