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  • The pcD with 3 USB ports and more memory than the PI is a great platform.

    But, what makes the PI great is the user Ecosystem that supports the platform. The pcD is "Way Better" hardware and some of the code provided is more advanced. But, the longer term support needs to "kick in" from the Ecosystem.

    I have seen so far great support on the Forum from the pcD team. This is a great platform if you need a "real system" that works as a solid server.

    If you start out take great care to perform all of the "patch" code before you evaluate the board. This is an early version. Some old boards may still have code that is NOT patched for some HDMI hardware. New hardware comes patched.

    Be ready to use a TTL Serial to "talk" to the card if the video does not "wake up" on first boot. Several TTL Serial USB versions work fine. If you have two cards you can use a PI or pcD as a serial card also.

    I use this card to develop AMAZON EC2 Cloud Server Control and Monitor Platforms. Just think, 200$+screen gets you NAGIOS and direct control of EC2 Cloud Servers!!! I have a wall of several of these in my NOC.

  • BAUD Rate issues. I have tested the whole list of possible values. I can see that "115200" is close to the right value, but not right. I do get a few echoed char that are close to correct.
    Do you have any ideas why the USB Serial Interface is not working?
    I found a document that explained that some older designs only work at 9600 on 1% of the boards due to clock issues.
    I have no way to adjust the board to try a lower rate. The board does "light up" and I see the serial is active on the LED.
    What is the next step?

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