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  • Here’s the code for measuring temperature with Arduino for those who need it.
    I’m measuring the voltage drop across the thermistor instead of the 10K resistor.
    remember to include the math.h library
    float ts1 = analogRead(A0);
    ts1 = ts1 * 5 / 1023;
    ts1 = ts1/((5 - ts1)/10000);
    ts1 = 1 / ((.003354016)+(.0002569850(log(ts1/10000)))+(.000002620131(pow((log(ts1/10000)),2)))+(.00000006383091*(pow((log(ts1/10000)),3))));
    ts1 = ts1 - 273.15;
    Serial.print(“Sensor 1 Temperature = ”);
    Serial.println(“ Celcius ”);

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