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  • I hate to complain about the price after other people have, but...

    It costs less to purchase a Mega Pro and USB host shield board which does the same job as this, just across two boards.

  • Does this come with a 5x AA battery holder or a 4x AA battery holder? It's pictured here with a a 5x, but the Parallax site shows a 4x.

  • I believe you guys made a mistake in your commercial... Your choice of original laptop would appear to be a Lenovo Thinkpad. You then chose to have your user downgrade to an Apple product. Since you obviously had both of these computer for the video, I suggest dropping each down a flight of stairs to see which one is more durable. Be forewarned, the Apple product will likely develop serious problems with this form of testing. You may not notice any change in the usability or cosmetics of the Thinkpad - this is normal.

  • As far as I can tell, the only differences are the footprint by .1" and the Mini Pro has the OSHW logo on it.

    This pinout is actually very close to directly connecting to Basic Stamp 2 boards. You would need to fiddle with the programming pins to get it to work though.

    And the Pro Mini comes in a 3.3V version.

  • Pretty much, yep. Cool build!

  • The first question that came to mind was if it would operate at 5V. It is a 3.3V volt device, according to a product brief that I found.

    This looks pretty decent though. Slap on a motor driver and a few sensors and you have a robot. Python programmable no less!

  • It's not quite as old, but I have a Thinkpad 600E PII that I used to use. Windows 2000 actually managed to use the (single) USB port properly too! I was using a 600X (PIII, massive upgrade, and WinXP!) until recently as my programming laptop.

    I have a Parallax USB-Serial adapter now that I use with my Z61t (upgraded to a T7200 Core 2 @ 2Ghz). Yeah, I don't miss the old ones at all.

  • Because that $3 adapter will not work with a Basic Stamp. I'm not sure if this one does either though. Sparkfun? You guys want to test that for us? BS2s aren't used by as many people anymore (and good riddance to BASIC, I'll take my C++ Arduinos and variants over that any day), but they are a great test of serial adapters due to their handshaking requirements.

  • Running it at 16 or 20MHz and 3.3V is overclocking. That doesn't mean it wont work, it just means that it may not be stable.

  • Yeah, they dropped the price from $25 where it was. Thanks Sparkfun!

    The Teensy can be purchased directly from PJRC for $16.

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