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  • Let me preface this by saying I agree that what they do for the community is great. I just think they could do it a lot better.

    200,000 is actually not that much money. Remember, they gave away 200,000 in revenue, not profit. Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold = Profit. So, their true cost of this is the negative profit which is equal to the Cost of Goods Sold. They can probably write this off as a business expense, marketing or server seem like good candidates, further reducing the cost.

    They would be far better off decreasing the prize and increasing the prize pool. I would suggest something like a prize of $30(the cost of an uno excluding shipping) and a pool of $300,000. That would give you 10,000 winners, which is at least better than the absurdly low 2,000. Now, I doubt may people will forget to spend $100, but they may forget to spend $30, helping to reduce the cost. Also, I would think not many people will go over the $100 prize, but I would think many would go over the $30. That would help offset some of the cost of this. Plus, since people would be going over, they would also be paying for shipping helping to further offset the cost.

    Now I realize that fewer prizes spread over a long period of time helps you get higher sustained loads over a longer period of time. I think the whole system was genius from the standpoint of server testing. The problem with that is you have a lot of customer upset about spending a lot of time trying to win and ending up with nothing. It just isn't good for business.

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