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  • Ah, nevermind, figured it out based on this: * P0A connected to +5V * P0B connected to ground * An LED and a 220-ohm resisor in series connected from P0W to ground * CS - to digital ardunio pin 10 (SS pin) * SDI - to digital ardunio pin 11 (MOSI pin) * CLK - to digital ardunio pin 13 (SCK pin)

    However, not really sure what the difference between Vdd and Vss is though, so I just connected Vdd to the +5V rail.

  • Can anyone post a circuit diagram for this? I’m a software guy and all these CS, SPI P0A stuff is confusing. Something similar to this one but specific to this chip: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SPIDigitalPot

    Thanks! – T

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