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  • The openness with the business stats is greatly appreciated, and quite useful for gauging the growing maker movement which I think is one of the best things of the last decade. I don't see an end in sight to it's growth, SFE will smoke past $100MM.
    Did you have a date scheduled for the SFE IPO...?

  • This is a very easy to use device in its configuration and operation. Set it up, turn it on and put it in your pack is all there's to it. Then have fun seeing where you went, like I did. Couldn't ask for more and I'm sure I'll be using the GeoChron a lot.

  • I agree, coinage in the photos was a nice touch.
    One question, who is the they in "I really wish they'd put the quarter back in some of these photos." I thought the SparkFun crew took the product pictures, no?