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  • I live in a small town in Montana and there is a radio shack but they don't have anything beyond simple stuff and Jap crap that breaks in a heartbeat. And their prices are way to high. I almost never go there. But there is a Pamida, look it up on Wikipedia. They have a toys section for little kids but nothing for teens or adults ( yea adults play with toys also. But honey it's educational, we have to get it for the kids). If I was you this is the kind of store I would be looking for. Even Ace Hardware in town would be a good idea. Here in Montana you can buy ammo at the hardware store just like when I was a kid. If you go to somewhere like wallmart you will be lost in the selves. You need a store that is small enough that your products will catch dad's eye while he's looking for the shit to fix the .

    If I was you I would pick a state, some place like maybe Colorado. Send out ads to the owners of the stores and show them pictures of your products you want then to put on the shelves. Maybe even send them a completed kit sample to wet their interest. I think at that point you will have more orders then you can handle, or maybe just enough that you can keep up with. You sell to wallmart and you will be up 24/7 just trying to make the first order. Don't bite off more then you can chew. Always a major error small businesses make.

  • Rare earth metals are not that rare. There are a number of places that could be mined. But nobody but the Chinese has bothered to mine them. This gave China the power to set their own price. It's just business son.

  • The best generally cost more. And it costs more when you buy one at a time. If you want a better price buy a thousand of them else where.

    And generally things bought in third world countries are of poor quality. Even if that country makes them for export. The ones for domestic sales are the rejects.

  • I did my first SMD project today. It was only a breakout board for a hall effect sensor that was using a sot-23 package. To solder the board I used a ten dollar electric skillet I bought at Pamida. It worked great the first time. I used a tooth pick to apply the solder paste. So I am wondering why do people want to spend a hundred dollars or more for something a ten dollar skillet will do just fine?

  • Way back I used to unsolder the crystal out of motherboards and swap in a socket. Then try different crystals to see how fast I could get the thing to run at. What I found to be a big limiting factor was the memory. I needed vary good and fast memory to get real speed out of them. Well real for the time.

    I wonder about this with a PIC. Do you have any insight on this?

  • I have a few of these and the coil operates at 5 volts. Almost like they planed for them to be used with an arduino. The data sheet is somewhat confusing because it cover many relays of this type.

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