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  • The equation I derived through measurements and am using with pretty good success is: y = 21208 * pow(x, -1.251);

    y = distance in inches. x = analog reading from sensor.

    The sensor works pretty good and buffering the values certainly helps with a more stable output. I'm buffering 10 values.

    I forgot to buy the 3 pin JST connectors with my sensors so placed an order for a bunch of 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8 pin PH connectors (male & female) from digikey.

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  • I love the concept but cannot find much on Mamba. I have several Insteon devices in my house and would love to be able to interface with these using Arduino based devices or vice versa.
    But with what I've seen so far, it's a $110 cost to have two Aruduino's communicate with each other.
    Another note....many houses are split into two phases. 240V coming into the house is 2 - 120V legs. To use power line communications, you need to have a device to pass the signal from one phase to another. I installed a dedicated 240V circuit breaker to do this with a device for the Insteon product. If Mamba does not have something for this, you may find that you cannot communicate with the device you'd like to because it is running on a different phase.

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