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  • I see what you are saying, but in the end I might opt for a raspberry pi + wifi dongle ($40+$12). It is bigger and a lot more power hungry, but you get full control (no dubious connections to the mother ship), remote access (ssh), more computational power, more GPIOs, your programming language of choice (personally I am a lot more comfortable with java than c or…squirrel).

  • Thanks for your answer. The fact is that I see potential for evil in this product: just like buying DRM protected media and locked phones, you do not really own what you are paying for. I could have been “bribed” into using a couple of these because they seemed cheap and easy to use. At 30 + 20 dollars, it is not cheap any more and making my own board is (relatively) not easy any more.

  • I agree, way too expensive. All of a sudden the Electronic Imp looks a lot less interesting. Too bad!!

  • This is a good question, I would like to know it myself as well.

    Since RN-XV is almost constantly out of stock, I was wondering if this could be a viable alternative. The main difference between the two products indeed seems to be the antenna.

    Any other difference I should be aware of?