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The Adventures of Shiloh Bones

  • Glad to see goop was mentioned, but not the Goop I use as stress protection - on both the LiPo battery & JST connector ( being extra careful not to allow the GOOP to get beyond the ridges OVER WHICH the Goop grabs -making sure the bottom remains flat & includes a tiny bit of wires as they enter the connector- we are talking about a very small BB sized ball of GOOP - I wet my fingers for non stick - before compressing the GOOP for perfect coverage). This in addition to electrical tape which follows the GOOP'ing and provides wire pull-out protection (and a better, safer grip point) for JST Connector removal.

  • How do I know when the battery is finished charging? There are no indicator lights? Is the idea (not spelled out anywhere?) to put LEDs in the Charge, Fault, Set, Gnd holes?

  • liked it! thanks!

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