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  • "This product has shipping restrictions to certain countries: -México" Bye bye, Sparkfun.

  • I'm having problems with Yahoo Weather API because they now want OAuth authorization to retrieve the info and makes it unnecessarily complicated for my little Arduino UNO-based project. This seems to be a way better option. Should have used it since the beginning. Thanks for the tip!

  • Another one bites the dust. Since Sparfun retired the WiFly, I thought I cound rebuild it with the RN-131C breakout board and this one. As someone said before, there are more retired products I want to buy than ones actually for sale!

  • Is there any explanation as to why this product was retired? Or it was just because? I have one and it works great. I came here to get another one and it's retired. Any comments?

  • I'm in Mx. If I want to buy some batts, can I use Ground to avoid this? Or Air is the only way?

  • I have a battery like this one in terms of capacity, but it's squared and it has 3, yes three, wires going to a simmilar connector. Red and black are obvious but, does anyone know what might be the use of the third one? It is thinner than the other two and it's orange. I know this question is not related to this product and I'm sorry, but if anyone could give some answer, I'd appreciate it. I'm not comfortable taking a LiPo apart to inspect it.

  • Two questions: Is this available worldwide or limited to the USA? and, If I buy an Arduino, will I get an Arduino board saying Arduino Board, or an Arduino board saying Genuino Board? I'm in Mx. As in the country south of the USA border.

  • Thank you!

  • The 5V/2A version with barrel plug (TOL-12889) says it only gives 4.5 @ 2A. Does this one compensates with the slight overvoltage (0.25) so it is 5V @ full 2.4A? Could you SF guys or commentators clarify this? Thanks in advance.

  • "The Arduino 101 is only available for customers in the USA. If you are located in Canada, the EU, or the Middle East be sure to check out the Genuino 101 instead." So, no love for México?

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