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  • My thoughts and prayers to the victims of this heinous crime, and my deepest condolences to the families. Having said that and with the outmost respect to all of them, this horrible attack proves that Adafruit boards work as intended, IF and only if, that was the piece used. I think it is very irresponsible of the network not to clarify it was an example, and for illustration purposes only, as many textbooks (printed or e-), articles, posts, etc., add as a foot note. But I think as makers, we must explain that to others. We are responsible not only to spread the word on tech, but to explain details like this to clear any doubt about it.

  • As with every WiFi shield SparkFun starts selling, I must ask to those who have the experience, is this shield better in any way to the WiFly shield also sold by SparkFun? I use WiFly but I’ve been trying to find a shield with better support and documentation and can’t afford to buy every one that comes out. Any comments?

  • Thanks for the pics! They helped me decide not to buy this product. I thought the plastic was attached to the board and the LEDs were grown on the PCB, as in COBs. But your first photo shows every segment is epoxy encapsulated, so no use to me. I was going to use my own ultra-high intensity traffic-light green SMT LEDs, but this changes it all. Thanks again!

  • Seasoned wifi shield users: Is this board easier to use than the WiFly shield? I’ve been using the WiFly shield for some time now and it works great for me. Is this shield any better? Easier to configure, easier to make it work? Any thoughts on this? Thank you in advance.

  • Please, stock this in right angle and double row variants, please!

  • You’re The Man, man!!

  • Another useful tool I want to buy but has been discontinued. Dang!

  • It seems that every time I find a product I’d love to buy from SparkFun, it has been discontinued/retired. This one has mostly positive reviews? Why retire it?

  • Wow! What an incomplete datasheet that one is! I mean, why do the manufacturer omits such relevant data as distance range of operation? 3m? 3ft? What? A mostly empty sheet with a nice pic of the module and a few bits of info in a corner. Wow. Just wow!

  • I’ll join my voice to those asking for the White and Red versions. Painting this one just looks FUGLY.

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