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  • Re My last comment.

    I meant - Because the 1pps pulse is very narrow, many scopes will not detect it.

  • Can anyone tell me what the default paramaters are for the TX port? I have an application which just needs to read the NMEA data - not transmit anything to the GPS. I need to know what to set the port parameters to.

    Is it true that if I am not using the RX port on the GPS I must pull the port up? There seem to be a couple of versions of the datasheet about, one says to do this, another doesn't say anything.

    Lastly, I tried to look at the 1pps output on a scope to verify it was there. My scope cannot see it. Like many other GPS rx the duration of the pulse is very small so some scopes will detect it. So I used a probe connected to an audio amplifier and could hear 1pps "clicks". So I assume this helps. I guess you might be able to do this with Walkperson earphones at a pinch.

    It is a very nice little unit and much easier to get results with than some of the "old school" Trimble boards I have. if only the documentation was better....



  • Are there any Faires planned for Europe? (Hint England, Netherlands, Germany or Hungary would be nice)

No public wish lists :(