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  • i think i need some advice on setup.
    my steppers are rated at 7V/primary, 1.2A. (the 7V is printed on the motor, the 1.2A is from googling the p/n, and finding someone else's quotation of the specs in a portuguese forum, so is less reliable, but lets assume it's right, for now -- if anyone has an old Astrosyn catalog, i'd love to hear from you.)
    the variables as i understand it are these: the motors are 8 wire, so i can run them either in series (raises voltage and lowers current) or parallel (does the reverse). in addition, the quadstepper driver chips do current limiting.
    if i run the coils in parallel, i've read that the current requirement goes to 1.414 times the rated value, or 1.7A. and since the motor's power requirement stays roughly constant, the voltage goes down by .707 to 4.9V. so, can i run my motors from a 5V supply, using the current limit control to keep only provide 1A (the quadstepper max) to my motors? or should i instead run them in series, at 7V * 1.414 = 10V, so that they need only .85A? or, am i misunderstanding the parameters entirely? can i use the current limit the way i'm describing?
    (i assume these are my only voltage options -- 5V or 10V, unless i simply don't use half the coils.)

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