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  • Hi everyone! I am confused about the 220Ohm -so called terminator- resistors as it is recommended to use a 120 Ohm resistor near to each node, is it the same resistor in the RS-485 line or is recommended by the IC Manufacturer? even though it is not mentioned in the datasheet of the IC. BTW , if I want to use this module with some Biasing and EMC protection(I have already lost one module and the Arduino board connected to the module) , how should I consider this resistor because all of the documents are general and based on 120 Ohm P.S. I am trying to send some data with low baud rate on an about 10-20 meter CAT6 cable.

  • So, plz someone tell me IS it really true that "The board comes programmed with the 8MHz Arduino bootloader and some example firmware (not AHRS) that demos the outputs of all the sensors" ??
    Ive just connected my board to a FTDi 3.3v - the red LED is ON and the yellow one is blinking but there is no serial T/R !!
    what should i do??!
    and also Ive download the code suggested above but I couldnt find any .pde file for the test firmware,so that i could reprogramm my board.
    any help is fully appreciated.

  • hi
    I've just bought a sen10736 board but i dunno how to use it! :?:
    is it necessary to use a USB-Serial module or I can connect it through a COM port to my PC?
    if so how?
    also the program on the mega328 is fixed or not? =If itsnt , whats the use of programming it when it is sending datas without reprogramming it.
    please help me to study how i can run the board.a

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