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  • Power turns out to be the issue. USB power was enough sometimes, but the cell network must’ve requested a stronger signal and the shield couldn’t get enough power from USB. Connecting a power supply to the unit has fixed this. Its been running smoothly for hours now without hiccup.

  • I seem to be having an issue with this board.
    I’ve got mine set up with a Mega 2560, at 115200 baud. I’m doing TCP communications, and I check the status delivery after each transmission. For apparently no reason (I get no CME error, etc.), the system seems to randomly reset and I receive a +SIND:1.
    This seems random as well - sometimes it will reset and generate a SIND1 in a minute, and other times it will transmit data to the server for 10 minutes before “resetting.” I’m transmitting about 80 bytes every 2.5 seconds (data arrives properly on the other end, too.)
    Is anyone else having this type of problem ?

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