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  • I would combine GPS and dead reckoning if you can. The GPS will give you the general direction and speed but it is very rough in terms of absolute position (3-4m, 9-12' radius in good conditions). Wheel encoders are good but can't handle slipage very well. An accelerometer and compass information will give you a pretty good heading for dead reckoning and using the GPS data to give you a direction to objective. Fine tuning with a camera or other sensors to avoid objects and find the actual object once you are in the vicinity if that is the goal.

    I suspect that any of the ardupilot systems do this in their software so you could take a look at their libraries for examples or maybe use one of them as the basis for your control system.

  • Yup, grade 9 computer class. After school run by the new math teacher - Long hair, tie-dye shirt and beads. We started with CARDIAC, moved on to BASIC on punch cards. I got lucky and the social studies teacher decided to try computer assisted instruction as part of his masters thesis and we got a modem and a IBM Selectric terminal to the local university and I started real programming (got to write some of the course material). Never looked back but it all started with CARDIAC. I made a 4 digit version with more instructions at one point and had the game of NIM running on it. I did write an emulator back then as it took a lot of manipulating to calculate each move. Unfortunately I don't think I kep the programs. I should go through the back of my filing cabinet and wee if by chance... I did buy two new (old) CARDIAC a couple of years back.

    The emulator is great. I am going to let my nephew see it and maybe he'll play a bit just for fun. I have often thought of a hardware version but never taken the time to do it so 'Thanks'.

  • 1x Wheel Encoder Kit (Set of 2)

  • Any idea if these components are mechanically compatible with the OpenBeam parts?

  • Anybody know what the timing is for these servos. I bought two and they both jam on the end stop when hooked up to a standard R/C servo tester. My fancier tester just has a fit and crashes - maybe the very heavy current requirement noted. In any case I can't get the servo to rotate to any position but the end stop.

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