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Member Since: August 12, 2011

Country: United States

  • I just received the the FTDI 5V cable to use instead of the FTDI basic on a mini-B cable.

    When switched from basic to cable got avrdude error msg "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00". Had the error before when setting up the basic but was due to improper board setting in arduino IDE. Had selected "Arduino MIni with ATMega 328" when realized my board was Pro... further down in the list "Arduino Pro Mini 5V....".

    Drivers were installed when plugged in cable (COM8 vs basic on COM 7). When connect cable to USB get power to Arduino but fails upload. Checked that black lead is on GND pin....any suggestions?

  • Cannot find SN on DVD or sleeve it came in or invoice or shipping doc. Looking for number that fits this desc..."The serial number will be in the format of A##A#####, where A represents a letter of the alphabet and # represents a number from 0 through 9”

    Any other places to look?

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