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  • Hi,
    Some days ago I bought the Arduino UNO and I'm really satisfied. Today I got the USB Host Shield. With the fact, that I'm very new to this stuff, I had to spend several hours to get it work.
    At first I got the "MOUSE"-Code to work, but after some other code-tests i got lost with the same error "setup packet error:d". Even if i tryied the first code again.
    Then I finally found out:
    Before testing I bought a new Block-Battery (E-Block, 9V). To save some money I took the cheaper one (VARTA Superlife).
    When I was about giving up on that, i connected the arduino to my "Laboratory power supply". Finally ... it worked !?!? So i checked my Battery with my multimeter. Instead of 9V it only gave me about 7.3V. I think there was the problem. When i lowered the V on my "labor.pow.sup" i got the same error (setup packet error:d). Switched back to ~9V ... and it worked fine again.
    Perhaps I helped someone with that Info.
    (Damn you VARTA SUPERLIFE!)
    But I'm really new to this stuff, so it won't mean much.

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