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  • Update: re-installed the FTDI drivers, restarted my computer and it finally worked again.

  • Hello, I just got my Arduino Pro Mini this week. Still really new to Arduino, but while trying to upload I’ve been getting the error “Serial port /dev/tty.***-SerialPort-1 already in use. Try quiting [sic] any programs using it”.

    I was able to upload once a few days ago when I pushed the FTDI cables in the right way, but no luck since then :\ Just wondering if that’s a common problem with this board, or maybe I’m doing something wrong? The red and green leds both light up when plugged in. I did notice that a new serial port seemed to briefly pop up in the menu during the one time I could successfully upload.

    • Arduino v1 software
    • FTDI 5v cable (w/header pins carefully soldered to top of board)
    • installed v1.1.0 D2XX FTDI drivers
    • Mac OSX 10.5.8
    • tried both /dev/tty. and /dev/cu. serial ports

    Any ideas? Thanks!

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