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  • OUTSTANDING BOOK! Very well written with great projects, easy to read.

  • Great video, but it should continue to show the reflow process using the griddle oven.
    Keep up the great work!

  • This book is a MUST for Arduino users and a GREAT reference for interfacing anything to your Arduino. The discussion point at the beginning of each chapter explains the interface idea then how to easily do it. Each chapter title is addressed as a "recipe" in this great "cookbook". I have four other Arduino books and this one can easily replace them all. The Arduino Cookbook is well written, easy to read, with great illustrations and exceptional code examples for the Arduino AND various software interface methods using Processing, HTML, Python, and more. The price might be higher because this is an O’Reilly publication. So don’t drive this weekend and the gas money saved will buy this book.

  • Come on SparkFun...You failed to mention that the claw and servo do not match. We have to modify the metal to fit the claw. Disappointed with your quality control right now. I hope you staff these new products better vice let your customers provide negative feedback. Still a great company though – you help me spend my money.

  • A good tutorial would be how to read the timing/clock scheme and translate it to Arduino, Basic Stamp, PIC, etc. commands (i.e. ShiftIn, ShiftOut, , PulseIn, msDelay)<br />

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