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  • There's an important drift on euler angles. Does the fusion algorithm is embedded in the DMP? is there's a EKF algorithm perfomed? How to enhance accuracy? the gyr calibration seems not to have any effect on accuracy... may anyone confirm this?

  • Hi we bought 20 razor devices during the last 6 months. On the last order 2 of them are not responding, avrdude return: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x80. Could it be a bootloader issue? if yes where can I find it? or at least how to build a new one. Regards

  • Hi everyone, I have some doubt about firmware code existing in my razor. Firmware version seems to be V22, but if I look into the code given in http://github.com/a1ronzo/SparkFun-9DOF-Razor-IMU-Test-Firmware the gyros are supposed to return an unsigned int on 16bit as shown by the prototype of function: uint16_t x_gyro(void). But the firmware returns numbers that are signed.

    How could it be explained?

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