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  • I was wondering why these components were retired. Were they not useful, or was some fault found with them? Or was it just that they were not being used very frequently?

    I’m interested in using something like this and I’m wondering if this is still a good model of FPU co-processor to use!

  • For the Leonardo, there are a few changes that you need to make.

    1. Use the level-shifter as they suggest.
    2. Use pin 0 as the interrupt, and set the interrupt number to 2. This is because interrupts are attached to different pins on the Leonardo and pins 2/3 (which are also interrupts 1/0) are connected to SDA/SCL.
    3. Add a delay after Serial.begin (10 ms should do, though I used 100).
  • Uhoh, I think I shorted a connection on that last solder point!