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  • He doesn't realize he's shooting at the wrong dinosaur.

  • From the data sheet, the total max sink or source for the IC is 70mA. You would not be able to use all channels at there max sink/source of 20mA at once, 8 Channels * 0.02A = 0.16A which is greater then 0.07A. So 7 ICs * 0.07A = 0.49A. You would need 15 ICs to pass 1A, 15 * 0.07A = 1.05A. You could use transistors on the outputs to control more current without going over the 0.07A max of the IC. Concerning your comment, yes the Vcc and Gnd pin headers closest to the power supply would have the greatest current through them. You could prevent this by running separate Vcc and Gnd wire buses to each breakout or to a group of breakouts. Hope this helps.

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