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  • After some time wasted.. I realize some of the pins on for GPIO the Bluetooth Module Breakout - Roving Networks (RN-41) WRL-10559 module are routed wrong.

    I see this was raised ~ 3 months ago in this Forum by: Member #367750 --> " seems that the pin labeled PIO10 on the breakout board actually leads to GPIO9 on the RN-41, and that PIO11 actually leads to GPIO8. I’m going off of the RN-41 datasheet version 3.4r 8/21/2012... EDIT: I also just checked the eagle board layout file, which confirms that you have them going to the wrong pins. .."

    Will SparkFun address this in the near future? (I hope so..). Makes me really wary of this breakout board..

  • micro-to-mini Usb cable from phone to FTDI board. Thats it. Just tried it again. The phone IS charging. I ordered several of the FTDI Basic Breakout – 5V (DEV-09716). Board booboo? They all charge the phone. Have you tried this?

  • I just noticed that when using the FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V (DEV-09716) with a Galaxy S2 phone , the phone charges when connected to the FTDI board. The charging current for this phone was measured to be 400ma. I was not aware that devices would charge through this board. I found that a tablet I had around, a Acer A501, would not charge though my power supply had 3amp current capacity. In particular, Have others using this board experienced it providing charging to connected devices? If so , what devices?

  • Note.. After adjusting the charge current pot on the IOI0 to its mid-point.. the IOIO is now charging the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone ok. Great.

  • Have it working with Samsung Galaxy S2. Cool. Phone indicates it is charging - BUT- when I unplug the usb, I can see the battery is slowly draining. Is it possible to have the IOIO connected and have the battery be charged at the same time.. How.? *Anyone else experiencing this?

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