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  • Here's a plug for 'Robust-First Computing' (15 min video), which offers a big-picture view of such issues, though slanted more towards software.

  • Although I used an IXM rather than an Arduino, I did use this I2C DAC and breakout board, and the video linked above demonstrates two octaves of sinusoidal pitch generation, on-the-fly two tone mixing, and playback of lo-fi but credible sample sounds ranging from special effects to famous voices to music. That said, I totally agree the I2C bus itself is less than ideally suited to this task..

  • I got fairly plausible sound out of this breakout board (demo), using an IXM as master, clocking the I2C bus at around 225KHz. I2C 'fast mode' at 400KHz worked fine too, and limited testing suggested this DAC will accept clocking quite a bit faster than that even without messing around with the official 'high speed mode' extra I2C protocol step.

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