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  • i got 1.62mm including the pads. (thats with a mitutoyo)

  • sparkfun really needs to get some ws2812b LEDs. same exact as these except it only has 4 pads (so much easier to hand solder) which are v+, v-, Din, Dout. just got some from another supplier and made a simple LED strip with some ribbon cable.

  • I see in the scheme that it has the pullups and little mosfets on the SDA/SCL lines. That means that it is ok to use SDA/SCL direct off of the arduino without a level shifter, correct?

  • how did you guys program this chip? i used my computers serial port and a MAX232 (instead of the more expensive FTDI board), but i keep on getting sync errors.i have a auto reset on the DTR serial pin
    i also tried a AVR ISP programmer like: but still have errors

  • can i buy this then get a 20x4 lcd for it? or is their a kit like this with a 20x4 already?