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  • OMG that zoom in… My eyes hurt

  • What I learned with my experience was that the thing about this sensors it's the angle of the reflection ( that's why its a poor choice! ). if perpendicular to the stair gets the upper step, if parallel to the step it gets the lower one...

  • the project on this links ( http://2005to2007.fabrica.it/tuned_stairs/ ) works quite well, the one on the video above does not work @ all, is a cool but very naive idea and approach, the sensors don't work at all as expected as u can see at some points on the video, where the user has to shake the foot, and they ALWAYS are very near them!
    I know this because I made the same ( wrong ) approach, and it didn't work AT ALL as expected, if your trying to do a 'singing' stairs stay away of this sensors, and follow a "switch" or "height" aproach!
    But it's a cute project with an aproach... Nice work guys!

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