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  • So far I removed the ground wire and applied the 3.3vdc, three times, that is my interpretation of toggle. Windows can find the Bluesmirf, but it does not assign an out going com. When I try to do it manually the program refuses to cooperate. So, their is definitely something wrong with the module. I will be contacting Sparkfun for an RMA. Hopefully the next one will have less problems.

  • Thanks for the lead, but I think I am missing something. PIO4 is the ground pin, so you are supposed to apply 3.3vdc to that pin? I tried that and nothing happened. The other option is to apply 3.3vdc to the ground pin, and ground the vcc pin. That sounds like it might be hazardous to my module.

  • I really messed up, I used the ’S~,2' command, and now I can not communicate with the module. Can not get at it through a breadboard setup, and Windows no longer finds it. How do I set this thing back to the factory settings, no dips to be seen? Or, did I just destroy a $65 module? I need some ideas.

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