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  • Just finished this kit (v2.0). As previously stated, it's pretty straightforward and can be put together in a few hours. Being it's my first kit, I had to throw this review together.
    I swapped the 1.5k resistors for 681's for a brighter display. Not being an electronics guru, I chose these instead of the lower ones out of power concerns and lcd life expectancy. For power, I used an old wall wart with a 9vdc output and 750ma.
    First time fire up-awesome! It worked! I checked it out on a Turbo200 multitap cap with 2,5,10,20 mfd ranges(I'm an AC mechanic by trade), it measured within expected range, although I have to say that if the readings are correct, these are very sloppy/loose readings for such an expensive device ($80.00us). Preliminary tests on smaller caps (electrolytics in particular) give mixed results. Polarity? Bad connections? Will check it against a new, off board cap soon. I don't like the test lead connections, and will soon remove the little terminal bar in favor of soldered on leads.
    Another little item that I noticed, the board starts throwing up erroneous numbers 10-15 seconds after clearing in the pf range. Is this a concern, or is it simply picking up something closeby (cf lamp)?
    Bottom line-great idea for a gift to a bright young one this year!

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