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I build fake houses for fake people.


Portland Center Stage

  • Dang. Refreshed at precisely 11am Pacific and already sold out. Apparently my time zone is something like 1 hour and 30 seconds later than Mountain time... :-D

  • "Girl, you light up my life - much like this one meter fully addressable RGB LED strip. And if, later, you want to put the 'motion in the ocean', I have an accelerometer breakout board that will tell you exactly what you're doing."

  • Thank you Sparkfun, for providing an exciting and fun distraction while sitting at my desk at work! (Made all the more fun by the fact that I actually won something!)

    Now I just have to decide between getting a real, 'grown-up' soldering iron, or a bunch of fun pieces-parts. :-D

  • Oh, man! Tough choice! I think the product tee gets my vote, but the star flame is pretty sweet too! (And the flame thought bubble, and, and...!)

  • Just in case anyone's curious (like I was) the thread doesn't like to be soldered. ;)

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