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  • To make sound, see Leah's original buzzer code on her site, and change / add lines marked with a '//\/\/'
    int speakerPin = 7 // on ProtoSnap, buzzer is pin 7 //\/\/
    int speakerPin2 = 12; // .. and 12. //\/\/
    void setup()
    pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // sets the ledPin to be an output
    pinMode(speakerPin, OUTPUT); // sets the speakerPin to be an output
    pinMode(speakerPin2, OUTPUT); // we'll use this one as ground - neither //\/\/
    digitalWrite(speakerPin2,LOW); // pin does PWM, so it doesn't matter which //\/\/
    .. and it will happily play a scale.

  • The list of ports in this article has errors:
    RGBLED Red is port 9
    RGBLED Green is port 11
    .. the schematic on the product page is right.
    I would love to see the source of the program that's installed on these - it would help sort out several problems.

  • Can you publish the source of the program that's pre-installed on these?

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