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  • I just got one of these yesterday, and although it's not really a fault with the board, I really wish that the information found in the comments about the hole spacing for the motor connections was included in the product description above.

    I didn't realize that the hole spacing wasn't .1" header compatible, and that without also ordering some of the 3.5mm screw terminals, the only other options (barring some clever macgyver-ing) are either directly soldering hook-up wire into the holes or using lone .1" snap-off headers (both of which are pretty 'sloppy' solutions).

    It's not a big deal to just order some of the compatible screw terminals, but it would have been much more convenient to know ahead of time that this board is designed for 3.5mm pitch terminals for the motor connections.

    I think this is important to know for people planning to buy one of these boards. It's an easy-to-miss detail of minor significance, but it's a waste of time, money, and shipping materials to have to make a second but almost unavoidable follow-up order for just a few cheap terminals (which results in the shipping cost usually being more than the cost of the order)

  • The schematics themselves are self-contradicting regarding logic levels:

    • The 'DEFAULTS' section in the top right describes 3.3V as the default logic level (3.3VCCIO)
    • However, the note for SJ1 says 'close for 3.3V'

    So if the solder joint has to be closed for 3.3V, wouldn't that mean it's not the default?

    Just to add more confusion to the mix, the silk screen near that particular solder joint says '5V'; this makes it sound like it should be closed to set logic levels to 5V.

    Of course all it takes is a multimeter to determine the real answer, but obviously there is an error somewhere along the line, and it would be nice to at least have it documented if not fixed.

  • This isn't really the place for this, try asking on the arduino.cc forums. Most likely you're trying to execute the library, which won't work.

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