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  • There is a good software eye tracker for the Mac, It has to track the face to track the eye, also its open source.
    I think tempt is its name. Caveat, I am still on Leopard,OS 10.5
    This device reminds me of a great scene in the MUST SEE 1980s movie "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam

  • What do you think the social consequences of vastly increased automation will be? A welfare state or ???
    (Bad healthcare can only do so much, so fast)
    In other words, how will people afford to buy all the fun stuff without jobs or money or the sense of societal identity currently provided to them by "their" (I'm speaking figuratively, of course, as they dont really own anything) jobs?
    Will the government outsource American-care to some other country to take care of them cheaply? (privatization)
    Will homeless people be able to vote somewhere? Or will they just vanish? (the soylent green scenario)

  • Queens has got to be the most ethnically diverse place in the world. I am not kidding. It beats LA in the number of different kinds of ethnic food available per block because LA ethnic restaurants tend to be more spread out.
    Prepare to have your minds blown, food-choice-wise.
    Other stuff? There is a HUGE Korean sauna/spa in Queens that I've never been to that is supposed to be incredible. I forget its name.
    Brooklyn has a big surplus/electronics store.. Leeds electronics..
    NYC used to be electronics heaven when I was a little kid but the building of the WTC destroyed the part of the Canal Street neighborhood that had the highest density of electronics stores (the western part) I would still visit Canal Street but the electronics mecca aspect of it is long over.. There are several electronics related stores.. a neat, VERY high density electronics parts store in the back of another store.. A store that JUST sells CCTV and other surveillance equipment..Lots and lots of stores that sell cheap consumer electronics..fake handbags..etc. Please don't miss Canal Street just for its historic value.. Imagine dozens of stores selling every kind of part you can imagine in bins piled up to the ceiling, with not an inch to spare.. thats what it used to be like.. Mind blowing. US companies with their investor pressure for high yields feel consumer electronics isn't profitable enough, so a lot of the non-military activity has shifted to Asia now.

  • I have a bunch of old RF wire that contains SMB and SMC connectors.. and of course I have tons of stuff with UHF, N and F type connectors too..
    There are a LOT of different RF connectors out there..
    This web page seems to cover many of them:

  • Do you carry (plain, not RP) male SMA connectors?

  • Is this antenna right hand circular polarized?
    Circular polarized patch antennas can be accurate GPS antennas if used with a ground plane..
    Any flat metal object will do, Ideally it should block (the antenna's view of) the nearby ground and be as level as possible... The antenna should be flat stuck right in the middle of the ground plane, like a turtle sitting in the middle of a plate.
    These antennas are quite critical in terms of design - more so than many other kinds of GPS antennas.. It should be tuned at the factory for whatever situation it will be used in.
    Removing the magnet might impact performance more than you would think. If this antenna is designed for use stuck to a car, even though it still has a ground plane its immediate surroundings are part of the tuning process..its performance in free air might change without a metal ground plane at that same distance.
    Also make sure its pointing up.

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