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  • From what i remember of Amal Grafstras book RFID toys the main concer with implants is the coatings. The implants designed for pets have a special coating that allows them to bond with the flesh and essentially become part of the animal, if you want to remove it you essentially need to cut it out.
    You want an inert uncoated capsule that wont bond to your flesh so it can be easily removed at a later date. On the security issue, if someone wants to get in they will get in anyway. I plan on getting an implant for my front door, someone could spoof the RFID just as easily as they could bump the lock.

  • I would love to try that with our paletising robots we use at work. The delay would be annoying but other than that it is a really cool demo.
    If you could remove the delay it would have some very useful applications when it comes to job inspections, the operator could just hold a grip in free air and move it around to inspect work pieces quickly and easily!