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  • Thanks Mike! I see the 12v EL inverter has a barrel connector and JST. Do I need to cut the barrel jack and connect a jst cable instead? Also, how do you recommend connecting the Lipo to the arduino and shield? Can I have one battery for both or do they need seperate ones? At this point, the plan is to run the El Escudo and Arduino independent of the lilipad circuit. Thanks again. And that definitely helps.

  • I'm trying to run 7 pieces of 1 meter EL Tape and one 10x10 cm panel using a battery. What's the highest capacity LiPo I can use if I want to connect it to a 12V inverter?

    Follow up? : Is it possible to run an Uno, El Escudo w/ 7 meter long tapes, one 10x10 panel, a Lilipad w/ approx 60 LED's all off of one LiPo? and still be portable? Or is it best to use separate batteries for the EL, Arduino, and Lilipads? Any comments/guidance is much appreciated. Can't access forums now, but I will post there as well when not confined by the corp firewall.

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