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  • Link to repo for most recent firmware and hardware is broken...

  • Was able to set up the shield with the examples without problem. Can't figure out how to get it to consistently play specific tracks, though. Tried by track number, file name, even windows sort order as suggested in the chip manual even though that seemed very strange. Still, I can figure out numbers to use for tracks, but when I upload different files it seems to randomize them. Would be nice if the example included that. I also messed around with the library that ships with this to add loop mode to it - I needed files to loop for my project and that function was not exposed in the library on github. There was some other functionality in the chip's documentation that was also not exposed, so you might want to dig there for more if this thing doesn't seem to quite do what you need it to.

  • I am trying this display on my Arduino. I hooked up the power and LED light power to the 3.3V, and the data,e,rs,etc lines to the digital outputs. The contrast is done with a poti. I wrote up some testing code that should just print one line, wait a second, clear and print a different line. The funny thing is, the contrast changes dramatically depending on what is being displayed, to the point where I initially thought one line wasn't being printed at all and the other one was. Has anyone had a similar problem with this display?

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