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Member Since: September 24, 2007

Country: United States

  • I just got this board and can't seem to get it to work. I am using Oleg's code and receive this message: "Error: OSCOKIRQ failed to assert" I am using the Mega 2560 with an external power supply. I have read everything I can find about this and have tried everything suggested, but no luck.

  • Did you connect it to your desktop with a crossover cable or with a hub? Can you describe how you powered it. I have not been able to get mine to do anything. Thanks.

  • I have not been able to get this to operate. I hooked up the pins labeled 3.3V and GND to a regulated 3.3V source and the power light comes on, but I have not been able to see the device with the configuration tool. Also the link lights don't come on. I have tried connecting using a hub. Should I use a crossover cable directly to the device? Any help to get me started would be grealty appreciated.