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Bin Wang

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  • the reason is lack of signal.... sorry for the spam

  • Hi guys: Thanks for all these suggestiones. Right now I can communicate between Arduino and GSM. 1. The NewSoftSerial Library is very unstable while working at high baudrate: 115200 for SM5100B. The information is not readable until I modified the library itself but even so, there are still some errors when return long sentence back......

    1. Based on the problem before, the timing issue also exist when TX long data to control GSM using Arduino. for example, There is a sentence that I gonna use: AT+SDATACONF=1,”TCP”,”www.sina.com.cn”,80 (to a remote host name), assume that I gonna use some other website instead of sina.com. It is very easy to be super long.... like Amazon Website Service Linux Platform. To fix this problem, I tried to separate the long sentence into many small pieces. The last end with Carrier Return while the others not. But still doesn't work. Sometimes if I type in everything together, the GSM reboot itself....which is very weird and I remembered this happends to other users.

    I am wondering do you know any people in sparkfun using this as a project and can successfully using the TCP/IP function.

    At last, thanks for all your help and I will promise to make a tutorial for this baby if I can figure out.

  • I bought the SM5100B and eval board. And right now. I run into big issues. I use the USB to control the module as expected using TCP/IP to ETL data. Then I removed the solder on the eval board and try to control the GSM using Arduino. But, I can't make it work and I connected the jumpers again and try to repeat my success again but...it doesn't work any more. Every time I started my module, it told me +SIND: 1

    +SIND: 10,"SM",1,"FD",1,"LD",1,"MC",1,"RC",1,"ME",1

    +SIND: 3

    +SIND: 4

    +SIND: 7 (It should be +SIND: 11)

    which indicates that not connected to the network. If connected, it should tell me +SIND: 11, what is worse, I unplug the card and put back to my iphone(I just place the miniSIM carefully at the large socket, will that be a reason to burn the sim card?), and it doesn't work anymore! I even can't use my SIM card anymore, do you guys think I burned the card or just it is just a matter of configuration? Appreciate any help.

  • Bless the people who help themselves. Cheer

  • Where is your BEARD! man ! DON'T DO THAT!

  • Is it allowed to bring the quardcopter built by the company? or it has to be DIY.
    I have one look exactly the same as the one on the pic, controlled by Apple.

  • Since the open-source hardware, you guys should thinking about expand your area into other countries like China, NorthKorea, India. Cause they have great demand for entry-level hardware and the cost is unexpecttedlly low. And there are also a lot of Foreign Spark Fans like me. Wish Sparkfun goes well!

  • Sorry, I only use the FTP cmd for my project.

  • Hi, zv470 thank you for your information. When I was posting my comments one month ago, sparkfun has not posted the FTP send cmd yet and I emailed the ADH company in Taiwan and they gave me the detail FTP at cmd. Right now it works perfect as I want and I am working to use Arduino to implement my idea automatically. thanks again.

  • Based on my experience, this module can only retrieve and read files from FTP but impossible to create and write. I read through the AT-cmd manual and there is only +AFTPO and +AFTPRETR +AFTPDATA but no sending cmd! But I want to use this module as wireless transmitter to transfer the GPS data back to the website server. Anyone can give me some information how to do it using this sucker!

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