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  • default sketch in mine was like yours: blink, but speeding up in a loop and then starting slow again. cute :)

  • Just got round to actually using this part…
    Of course the ATmega168V is happy running at 5V (from the USB supply on the “3.3V” FTDI cable from Adafruit), so no worries there.
    I managed to identify the board by getting a magnifying glass out and checking the regulator and xtal (“3.3”, “08”).
    I guess you just need to avoid having a supply connected to the RAW input when connecting the FTDI cable, since the power from USB is connected straight to Vcc…? Would it matter that the reg was trying to put out 3.3V while Vcc is at 5V?

  • Talking about a “3.3V” FTDI cable is quite confusing….
    I have an FTDI cable here which is identified as “TTL-232R-3V3”, but it’s only the signals that are 3.3V, while the power line (red wire) is still 5V.
    So according to the schematic for the Pro Mini/3.3, I can’t connect this cable to the header because Vcc would then be over-voltage.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems I need to make an adapter for the FTDI cable that brings this 5V line into the RAW pin instead, so it comes in via the regulator?
    Also the silkscreen on the underside isn’t marked in any way (it lists all options), so there’s no way of identifying this device as being 5V or 3.3V? Was somebody supposed to put a checkmark in one of the white boxes to identify voltage and clock speed?

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