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  • Does sparkfun or anyone else offer a Soundcard that has a mic that will work with the Jetbot?

  • The Jetbot download includes Nvidia Juptyer notebooks and Jupyter lab so you can run the notebooks

  • I was forcing adhoc mode by pulling GPIO9 high. In this mode it completely ignores the GPIO8 and CTS signals. When is set adhoc mode in software the GPIO8 line will sometimes put the module to sleep. The manual states that for this to work GPIO8 must be low on powerup and stay low until putting it to sleep. Tying GPIO8 to my MCU does not seem to guarantee that when I'm debugging my code with a JTAG debugger. When I download new code to the device, the RN-XV module goes to sleep, but when I run the code from debug mode, the module wakes up. I'm thinking that the GPIO8 needs a more firm ground with a pull-down resistor. I'm able to wake the unit up by transmitting a garbage character. Also at printlvl=1 (default) the unit prints:

    [example}( WiFly Ver. X.XX MM-DD-YYYY on RN-171 Creating ADhoc network ADhoc on UnitSSID chan=chan READY)

    it would be nice if they documented their debug messages somewhere. I had to disable them with prinlvl=0 to get my code working.

  • I'm having trouble putting the device to sleep and waking it up.
    Right now the unit is connected in AdHoc mode to my PC and commands are being sent from the PC (over telnet to port 2000) with the unit being powered by two AA cell batteries.

    I've set the system IO mask to 0x20F0 (enable IO8 as input) and the system trigger to 0x20 (go to sleep on IO8 high), but powering the unit from 3.2V (battery) and then tieing IO8 to VCC does not put the unit to sleep.

    I've also tried waking the unit up after putting it to sleep with a "sleep" command. I set the system trigger to 0x20 and set CTS (pin 16 to 3.2V (battery) and this does not wake the unit up. I have two IO lines availabe from the MCU and want to be able to put the unit to sleep and wake it up.

    Has anyone done this? Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

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