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  • Did they move i2c from a4/a5 or just add additional dedicated headers? On that issue, has anyone seen 10 position stacking headers yet for the new boards (also on Uno r3)?

  • Like others, I've been dealing with the apparent i2c address discrepancy with this part. The data sheet says 0x40 and many are finding that 0x80 is what works. The problem is that when Bosch lists 0x40, they are actually only referring to the 7 MSB's of the i2c address. So, if your system (like mine) wants you to specify an 8 bit address for the part, it is in-fact 0x80. I believe the Arduino wire library may only want the 7 bit address, so what Bosch lists works for Arduino. I confirmed by looking at Arduino i2c transactions with a logic analyzer. I've only looked at a handful of data sheets for i2c sensors, but the BMA180 isn't one of the stellar ones.

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