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  • Figured it out (mostly).
    The problem seems to be that the configuration bits are being set to all 1s on my 12f683 during programming, overwriting the default (and desired) configuration. Among other things, this resulted in some of the pins being disabled for IO to be used for other purposes (namely master reset).
    I’m not clear on precisely where the configuration bits are coming from when they are not explicitly set, though. My previous programmer did not have this issue. Some Googleing suggests that it’s an error in the pk2cmd device profiles, but I also have the same issue when programming directly using MPLABX beta6.
    In any event, the solution is to explicitly set the configuration bits during programming. In Hi-Tech C, I use the __CONFIG() macro.
    I hope this helps anyone else out there who comes across this problem with this programmer.
    Aside from this initial hurdle, I have so far had very good experiences with this device.

  • Hello there,
    I just purchased this programmer, but it doesn’t seem to be programming my chips correctly. I’m using pk2cmd from microchip, running on a Mac OSX MacBook Pro. I’m uploading a .hex file compiled using MPLAB X. I don’t get any errors when uploading the .hex file, and it says “Program Succeeded./Operation Succeeded”. However, the program does not run correctly on the chip.
    I know it’s not the .hex file nor the chip itself because It works 100% correctly if I upload the same .hex file using my old (Pickit1) programmer onto the same chip.
    Do any of you out there know if there’s a compatibility issue with this device and Mac OSX? Or is it possible that I have a defective unit?
    Any help on this would be appreciated.

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