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  • FYI, I got this working. I had to hookup J2-2 to the Reset pin on the Arduino, so the ethernet module resets when a new sketch is loaded onto the Arduino.

  • So… I have it wired up to my Arduino as follows:
    J1-1 to D11,
    J1-2 to D13,
    J2-1 to 3.3v,
    J2-3 to D13,
    J2-4 to D10,
    J2-9 to Ground.
    I loaded up the Ethernet / WebServer example, but nothing is happening.

  • Hello. I am a newbie here.
    I just ordered this module with a 3.3v regulator and a pack of M/F jumpers - does anyone know where I can find a simple schematic of how to wire this up to an Arduino Uno? I see the “Schematic” link attached to this listing, but have no idea how to read it.

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