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  • The RN-131C Datasheet, page 5, says pin 22 (DMA-TX) should have a 100K pull down if ultra low sleep power is required. Page 9, item 8, clearly spells out that pin 22 must be pulled low with 100K to achieve 4uA in sleep mode.
    There appears to be no way to do this as there is no access to the pin and the pcb does not track it out to a blind solder pad or anything.
    In my battery powered device this low power mode is essential.
    I looked at the Eagle board file, and with considerable risk I could try to route/mill/scratch a hole through the pcb to get to pin 22… The chance of damaging a $90 device is pretty high!
    Have I missed something…???
    Sparkfun - please comment…

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